The Cluffy Wedge

The Cluffy Wedge will be an add on to a foot orthotic that health care professionals might use on the front of the foot insoles, or it could also be obtained as a standalone cushion which may be located into shoes. The item is intended as one technique that you can use to manage an ailment often known as functional hallux limitus. This disorder is a problem with all the range of flexion with the big toe joint in the feet, for the reason that the range of motion is normal when the foot is off the floor while getting examined but the range of motion seems to be reduced when the feet are on the ground. Because this constraint of motion is only when walking or weightbearing, it is provided the name of ‘functional’. The word hallux is an additional term for the large toe joint. Therefore, this condition is a functional limitation of flexion of the hallux or big toe joint of the foot. If people has a functional hallux limitus then this could affect the way they walk and also run to make these kinds of movements more difficult. You will see extra movement at other joints as this big toe joint won't move and this can bring about signals with these various other joints in the foot. Functional hallux limitus is claimed to be a risk factor for many the issues which will go wrong with the foot.

To take care of this issue, it has to be made simpler for that hallux joint to flex throughout gait. Because the range of flexion of the hallux joint is actually normal, its just not utilizing that ability to move when the feet are weightbearing. There are various solutions this movement with the hallux joint could be facilitated. This is where the Cluffy Wedge comes in. That Cluffy wedge will go beneath the great toe to place the joint within a somewhat dorsiflexed posture. Exactly what this certainly does is it provides for a head start to the range of motion in this hallux joint and goes a considerable ways to facilitating the motion if the foot is on the ground. The wedge is utilized to take care of many different conditions that are the result of the functional hallux limitus.